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Located in Franklin, TN

Franklin, Tennessee has long been considered a leader in the modern development of Nashville’s neighboring cities. Just twenty miles from Nashville, Franklin has anchored it’s development in a unique heritage that honors its charming character while progressively becoming a leader in statewide population and job growth. Alongside Franklin’s economic and business development has been the growth of a sought-after lifestyle community, providing business owners with a progressive and thriving demographic. Franklin continues to look forward in growing its identity as a business hub by actively collaborating with existing businesses to continually identify catalysts for future development. Becoming a member of the business owning community in Franklin provides the opportunity to become a contributing voice in the broader landscape that ultimately contributes to further growth for all local owners.


Fastest Growing County in Tennessee.
Williamson County continues to rank as a top community for site selectors, entrepreneurs and talented workers.

Benefits Of Office-Condo Ownership

    1. Interest rate write-off tax advantage
    2. Appreciation of property value and increased equity over time
    3. No landlord restrictions; i.e no lease expiration dates with built-in rental bumps, no negotiations over extensions. 
    4. Fixed office expenses; typically, mortgage payment are flat versus annually increasing lease rates
    5. Secondary market for rental profit in the case of excess space, or sub-lease of entire unit in the case of early vacancy
    6. Ability for full property customization from interior design elements to energy efficient upgrades etc.